Rabu Gary is founder or partner in more than six companies in various industries, ranging from technology to exotic car rentals. These companies have combined annual sales of $6 Million.

He is an accomplished business professional that has touched the lives, coached, mentored and supported thousands of people with backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurs and corporate executives to everyday employees and small business owners. Rabu has helped many implement personal success strategies designed to increase their earnings, create time freedom, and market their businesses and themselves.

Rabu holds two degrees from Rutgers University of New Jersey Class of 1997. He has completed multiple leadership, marketing, and business courses and has an impressive personal library filled with Self Help and Personal Development books, articles and audios. Rabu was employed from 1988-2001 with different companies starting with McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Applebee’s, Wal-Mart, Passaic Valley Sewerage Company, FedEx, and Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, were he was one of the top reps in the United States.

On September 10
th 2001, the day before the disastrous 9/11, Rabu walked away from the work place to become an independent small business owner with then, NYSE Public Company, Pre-Paid Legal Services, now know as Legal Shield. Rabu became a Regional Vice President and a Member of the Six Figure Earners Club with Legal Shield.

Rabu went on to become one of the Top Network Marketers with Organo. While at Organo, Rabu also built a separate business that became the largest Direct Sales Bookkeeping Businesses in the United States, called Documentation Doctors Inc.

Rabu is also a co-author of the #1 selling books in it’s class;
It’s How Much You KEEP, That Counts! Not how much you Make. It’s How Much You KEEP, That Counts! Not how much you Make, is the only IRS approved publication of it’s kind. Because of it’s useful content and informational accuracy, the book has been authorized by Congressional Law. As a result of his efforts to help the citizens of this country to succeed, Rabu has received recognition from both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Rabu was invited to share his knowledge of Home Business Tax Savings, Direct Sales, and Business Leadership with one of the Premier Travel Agencies in the world TraVerus Global. While at TraVerus Global Rabu went on to partner with one of the best graphic design specialist in the state of Texas to build a printing company called Smart Choice Systems also know as Printfriendzy. Smart Choice Systems has grown to become international business that services over Twenty Countries and growing everyday.

Rabu went on to partner with NSDAQ Public Company World Technology Corp and it’s Marketing division Wor(l)d Global Network. As a result of helping many of the sales reps in Wor(l)d Global Network succeed, Rabu was recognized in Business For Home.Org the leader in Direct Sellers and Network Marketing news.

Rabu has led organizations of over eighty thousand independent agents. He has trained sales forces all around the world and developed a large network of friends and business partners. Rabu has been happily married to Sherry Gary for almost two decades and shares the responsibility of raising two beautiful daughters. In his spare time, Rabu coaches high school varsity sports, fishes, participates in charitable events and loves traveling with his family, friends, and business partners. Rabu attributes his success in life to his strong family and communal roots, the life lessons learned and the unique opportunities that were made available to him because of an amazing family and support network.

Rabu Gary is YOU!!!!

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